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An ebook for Parents and Guardians to help their child transition from primary to High School smoothly and confidently

Natalie's book, 'From Sixes to Sevens' is a 7 step guide to help parents and guardians make a smooth transition to high school with their child.


This book is a practical guide for navigating the transition to high school process with your child. Written by a parent who has been through the process with several children (girls and a boy), this book is for parents who want to help their child make the move from primary school to high school smoothly and easily.


Transition to high school is a critical time of change in a young person's life and it is also a time of change for parents too. This book introduces parents and guardians strategies, tips, techniques and information that parents can implement and learn from so they are more aware of how they can best support their child to move into high school more confidently and with less stress.

The book comes with free downloadable resources including templates, checklists and information sheets so that parents and guardians are ready and able to support their child.

additional free resources included inside


An online program for Parents, Guardians and Year 6 and 7 students to help young people transition to high school smoothly and confidently to help them become more productive sooner.

Available Soon

If your child's school has not subscribed to the Preparing in Primary for High School Program for Teachers, Students and Parents, you can still access the fantastic video series for your child. 

We all know that transitioning from Primary School to High School can be a challenging time for many students. However, for many students it is often only in the last few weeks of Year 6 that there is any discussion around this at school and some schools don't address transition at all. If your child's school doesn't offer a Transition to High School program, parents can still help their child at home with the Transition to High School Video series.


This comprehensive online video course covers what Year 6 students need to know to help make their move into high school a success. Full of practical tips, real-life examples and advice, students will feel ready and confident to take the next step.


Parents can work through the videos and worksheets program too, to learn strategies, tips, techniques and information that will support their child to make a smooth and successful start to high school.


What is included?

  • 10 Video Lessons for students

Videos consist of over 100 minutes of valuable content broken down into manageable segments on different topics


  • Over 50 pages of handout worksheets and activities


These handouts help students create their own Transition to High School Resource Folder


Topics Covered

  • Important information

  • Changes in the way you communicate

  • The school portal

  • Understanding priorities 

  • Using a diary and planner

  • Communicating with teachers and parents/guardians

  • Self-monitoring

  • Organising subject materials

  • Making new friends


Children's Books & Activity Worksheets

The Magical Missy Moo resources consist of 5 books and accompanying activity packs for children aged 7-9 years. Each book covers a main social or emotional theme to help students develop important skills that will help them function at a high level throughout life.



  • Books are provided as downloads in PDF format

  • Each books has a literacy or numeracy themse

  • Each book follows a particular social/emotional theme

  • Activity Packs consist of 12 pages of activities and worksheets that support the book

What Types of Activity Worksheets are Included?

  • Story recall

  • Word search

  • Colour-in

  • Spot the difference

  • Spelling

  • Numbers

Great for Students During Home/Remote Learning

We are all experiencing a unique situation with many schools closed and students having to learn at home during this global crisis. These books and activities are a great addition to home learning.

What Age Group are the Books Best Suited to?

Ideal for children aged 7-9 years to develop their awareness and understanding of social and emotional skills that will benefit them as they prepare for and eventually start high school.

  • Months of the year

  • Days of the week

  • Finish the sentence

  • Opposites

  • Missing words fill in

  • The Reading Lie

  • The Basketball Fix

  • The Scary Sleepover

  • The Dance Concert

  • The Hunchback of Halloween

Book Titles


Missy Moo makes a magic wish to get out of her reading homework so she can spend more time playing. But her best friends, Zara and Sam, are inside doing their reading homework so Missy Moo is bored. What will happen when the children have to read to their teacher and Missy Moo doesn't know her words?


Each book has a unique theme and focus which is detailed in the last pages of the book. This book's themes are:

  1. Days of the Week

  2. Doing something every day to get better at it

  3. Telling lies can cause more problems and doesn't solve things


Missy Moo and her friends are playing in a basketball competition but Missy Moo is upset because Zara is the best shooter on the team. When a jealous Missy Moo uses her magic in the game it has terrible consequences for the whole team. Will she be able to make things better for herself and the team?

Each book has a unique theme and focus which is detailed in the last pages of the book. This book's themes are:

  1. Time

  2. Recognising people's skills

  3. Teamwork


Missy Moo is having a sleepover with her best friends Zara and Sam. They are going to play games, watch a scary movie, have a midnight party and tell scary stories. But when Missy Moo uses her magic to make the night even scarier, Zara gets frightened and wants to go home. Will the sleepover be ruined?


Each book has a unique theme and focus which is detailed in the last pages of the book. This book's themes are:

  1. Numbers up to ten written as words

  2. Listening to other people's feelings

  3. Stopping certain behaviours when someone asks you to 'STOP'


Missy Moo, Zara and Sam are getting ready for the dance concert. They all want to be one of the main parts but Zara and Sam won't stop fighting. When Missy Moo makes a magic wish to stop the fighting she also ruins her friends' chances of getting a main part. Can Zara and Sam recover from their disappointment?


Each book has a unique theme and focus which is detailed in the last pages of the book. This book's themes are:

  1. Opposites

  2. Meddling can make things worse


It's Halloween and Missy Moo and her best friends Zara and Sam and dressed up to go 'trick or treating'. They have orange pumpkin buckets and hope to fill them to the top with treats. Halloween is lots of fun until they reach the spooky house at the top of the hill that belongs to the scary, old Hunchback.


Each book has a unique theme and focus which is detailed in the last pages of the book. This book's themes are:

  1. Months of the Year

  2. Getting to know someone before you judge them

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