Student / Family Program Options

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"An online program for Parents, Guardians and Year 6 and 7 students to help young people transition to high school smoothly and confidently to help them become more productive sooner."

There are 3 Program options Students can undertake with their Parent or Guardian so the entire family is ready for the move to High School.

The options are Gold, Silver and Bronze, which have different amounts of time available to complete the program, depending on how much time you have available and how much you want to do.

If you're looking to gain the most from the program and really get completely ready for High School and not feel rushed to finish it quickly, you may want to go with the Silver (30 days) or Gold (90 days) Programs to review all of the video lessons and complete the worksheets that come with the program.

However if there are just a few things you would like to brush up on and only have a small amount of time available in a week to get it done, the Bronze Program (7 days) may be right for you.

You can subscribe to the GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE programs by clicking on the 'JOIN' button below your preferred option and get INSTANT ACCESS.

Student/Family Programs


Here's what you get with the Gold, Silver and Bronze Programs:

For Students:
  • Student Video Course (12 video lessons - approximately 130 minutes in total)
  • Video Lesson Handouts - over 60 pages to accompany video lessons including Worksheets, Activity Sheets and Templates
The Student Video Course covers:
Lesson 1: Getting Organised
Lesson 2: Important Information to Know
Lesson 3: Changes in the Way You Communicate
Lesson 4: The School Portal
Lesson 5: Urgent and Important
Lesson 6: Using a Diary & Weekly Planner
Lesson 7: Organising Your Subjects
Lesson 8: Communicating with
Lesson 9: Monitoring Yourself
Lesson 10: Developing New
Lesson 11: Become an Independent
Lesson 12: Managing Assessments
PLUS, Parents receive:
  • My E-Book for Parents: From Sixes to Sevens


Natalie's book, 'From Sixes to Sevens' is a 7 step guide to help parents and guardians make a smooth transition to high school with their child.


This book is a practical guide for navigating the transition to high school process with your child. Written by a parent who has been through the process with several children (girls and a boy), this book is for parents who want to help their child make the move from primary school to high school smoothly and easily.

  • The book covers:
Chapter 1: Getting Organised
Textbooks, stationery, computers
Organising subjects items and
Getting to know your school
Orientation day
Using public transport

Chapter 2: Managing the Workload
Understanding the timetable
Managing homework
Using a weekly planner
Using a diary

Chapter 3: Communicating with Teachers
Communicating differently at high
Why students must communicate with
their teachers
Speaking to teachers in class
School portal
Communicating via email
Scheduling appointments with teachers
Parent-teacher interviews
Chapter 4: Communicating with Your Child
How parents can support their
child at high school
Questions to ask before the first
Keeping the lines open
Do and don't questions
Learning to listen
Finding opportunities to praise
Chapter 5: Wellbeing
Support staff at school
When to be concerned
Avoiding embarrassment
Empathy and love
Back care
Exercise and nutrition
Extra-curricular activities
Calming techniques
Looking after yourself
Chapter 6: Social Media and Technology
The Good: positive aspects
The Bad: negative aspects
The Ugly: cyberbullying
School phone use policy
Establishing ground rules
Chapter 7: Making Friends
Starting a conversation
Involvement in school activities
Parental involvement
Party! Party! Party! Safely!