About Natalie Daniel

Natalie is passionate about writing books, programs and resources to help students better prepare for critical times of change in their school life including the transition from primary school to high school and then again as students prepare in senior high school for life beyond school.  While these times can be challenging for many, Natalie believes that if students are prepared with the knowledge, information and skills they need, students will not only survive these times of change but thrive as well. As a result, the enjoyment and success that young people experience at school and beyond can be greatly enhanced.

"I love seeing the impact we can have on kids through well-written and well-designed education programs. That's why I have launched a number of online educational programs for young people. I strongly believe in the importance of developing genuine 'life-skills' for people when they are young, so they are ready for the challenges and opportunities that will be ahead of them as they enter adulthood," says Natalie.

With an Honours Degree in Communications and Literature from Macquarie University, Sydney, Natalie has more than 25 years experience working in both the corporate and government sectors. Organisations that Natalie has worked with include IBM Australia and the State Government of Victoria, where a key responsibility was writing project specific speeches for the Premier of Victoria, the Governor of Victoria and various State Government Ministers.

Natalie is also co-founder of the Centre for Inspired Leadership which has provided leadership development for school students throughout Australia for over 17 years. The Centre's flagship program is the Student Leadership Development Program - a complete online resource for Senior High School students to help them develop the Leadership skills necessary to become our leaders of tomorrow. To find out more go to:

She is currently working on a joint initiative with Dr Prue Salter, a researcher and educator who for the last 20 years has specialised in the areas of study skills and self-regulated learning for students. Natalie and Prue’s initiative, Preparing in Primary for High School, is a comprehensive online Guide for Year 6 and 7 Students, Teachers and Parents to help them as they transition from Primary School to High School.

"This initiative combines Prue's enormous experience and knowledge working with schools and the work I started a few years ago when I developed a Transition to High School Student Program for my own children's Primary School," says Natalie. "The project is unique in addressing the transition process from the Teacher, Student and Parent perspective." To find out more go to:

Natalie is also the author of the Magical Missy Moo children’s book series which aims to develop literacy skills as well as social/emotional skills in young readers.

"I originally wrote one book for my daughter who was moving from short story picture books to longer worded chapter-style books," says Natalie. "I wanted a book that not only helped with her reading but also started teaching her life skills from a social and emotional point of view. There's now 5 books in the series with another 5 in the pipeline, so it will be exciting to see how Missy Moo continues to develop as a character."

Married with three children, Natalie lives in Melbourne, Australia. "After growing up across three States, I felt like I was finally home when my husband and I returned to Melbourne 20 years ago," says Natalie. "It's here we've grown our beautiful family who inspire me daily. I feel pretty lucky."



The Transition to High School Student Program covers all the questions my husband and I had about the transition to high school process for our daughter as well as all the questions we didn’t know we should be asking. They provide great insight into what to expect for children as they prepare to transition to high school as well as what to expect from the school and the role we need to play as parents to support the process.

Felicity Moharam, Year 6 Parent, A.C.T