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Natalie Daniel

preparing school students to survive and thrive as they transition to high school and beyond

As a student transition specialist I help students prepare for two of the biggest changes in their school life:

  • Transition from Primary School to High School

  • Senior High School to Life After School

I do this through programs and resources developed for Primary Schools, High Schools and Families including:

High School Resources

Parent/Family Resources

  • Preparing in Primary for High School Online Guide for Year 6 & Year 7 Students at school

  • Student Leadership Development Online Program for Senior High School

  • Books & Activity Worksheets to develop Social & Emotional skills for Middle Primary

  • Transition to High School Student Video Lessons and Worksheets for Families

  • Transition to High School Book for Parents/Guardians

  • Interview Success Accelerator for Senior High School Students (coming soon)


​​​​The development of skills that will help young people not only survive but thrive at critical times of change can sometimes be lost amongst the pressures of academic achievement. And yet, these are the skills that people need most to create successful, happy lives in their careers, in their social lives, in their home life and within communities.

These skills include developing self-leadership, being able to resolve conflict, communication and organisational skills, understanding empathy, interview skills, being able to prioritise and manage time and even knowing how to make the sometimes difficult process of developing new friendships easier. I collaborate with experts to bring students, teachers and parents, practical, useful resources at these two critical junctures in a student's life that will help these young people develop the skills they will need for decades to come.

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